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classic shoes Air Epic will return this month, and bring a very elegant version. Shoes with neutral clean tone primarily, selection of leather material blessing at the same time, with the toe with mesh material, breathable performance is more outstanding. In addition, the rubber soles collocation a golden heel shoes, more perfect design. The new Air Epic Luxe has now been sold by Sneaker Politics Nike Sportswear the designated stores are officially sold for $180 dollars.

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reporter Yin Peiqin's comprehensive report on the past 2015, is the group running? Will you continue to run in 2016?

this year has been 43 year old British freaky Nell · Mike Andrew was a supermodel, slender legs and beautiful face too many men fascinated. In fact, Mike Andrew is an amateur marathon athlete. He began to contact marathon at the age of 20. He took part in the London Marathon in 2004, and his grades from the initial 3 hours and 22 points, only ranked 3376, until 2012, he created the best personal achievement, 2 hours and 54 points.

, in order to make more people fall in love with running, Mike Andrew has told you his five experiences: running can make life interesting and energetic, and the new year will move.

1 persisted in
for a long time
4-6 weeks to see the effect of

Mike Andrew started running from the age of 20, and until now, running has become a part of her life and can't stop at all. She says that running makes yourself healthier, and the pressure is much smaller. Actually, the first step of running is very simple: you only need to have a pair of good running shoes and several T-shirts suitable for running. Running is a very simple exercise, when it rains, just add a rainproof jacket...

Mike Andrew suggested: if you've never run before, from the start by walking, walking to go to adhere to four times a week for a brisk walk, gradually you will find that you can start running and stick to it. Some people started running with confidence, but they soon gave up because they found that they didn't make any progress after a few weeks. In fact, only a few more days will be able to see the improvement, generally speaking, after 4 to 6 weeks, you can feel the change of the body.

2 joins the run group

does not enjoy running
for race speed
Mike Andrew says it's a good choice to join your place after 6 weeks. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m., hundreds of people made up a run of Mike Andrew, and the goal was to stick to 5 kilometers. In the run group, you do not need any pressure, not everyone in racing for the purpose, there is a person, and friends, also with family friends, and even people with pets run together. Even on Christmas day, the run will not stop. All you have to do is to remember the scenery along the way and enjoy the running process.

is relatively easy to run in the warm spring or cool summer evenings. If you go out in the cold winter to go to the park to run, it will take a lot of courage. Even so, hundreds of people will run out of the house in the winter and continue to run in the cold wind. Running with everyone can keep the enthusiasm for running. Of course, it can also keep fit and healthy.

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