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Ivy Chen is ready for the night run.

said, "the girl who loves to laugh is not too bad", but the recent reality show tells us that the girl who is running is not bad luck. Like Ivy Chen, Janine Chang this is the good beginning, bestie, reality show, have love for running the love movement, labeled "positive energy" label, harvest a lot of praise.

count, the Taiwan entertainment circle "run female" in fact far more than Janine Chang, Ivy Chen, and Selina, s, Jia Yongjie, Alyssa Chia, Amber An, Xu Jieer etc.. They have different running motivation and feelings, but the same thing is that they all get full strength from running, and the more they get addicted. No, in October 19th Amber An and Selina took part in a 21 - kilometre half - horse in San Francisco, America.

runner 1: Janine Chang

running age: 4 years

's race:

2011 Nike San Francisco women Marathon (21 km)

2012 AMAZING2012 NIKE girls' Road (10 km)

2013 Amazing Getaway2013 Nike girls sports festival (10 km)
Janine Chang.
running power: the strength is better, the butt turns up

Janine Chang's reality show debut, "follow Baer to adventure" was first released last week. Janine Chang was in the eight celebrities. In addition to the real and unpretentious performance, her background resume has also been praised. She used to be a school master with a master of law degree, or a running maniac.

in fact, Janine Chang not only not born love sports, was originally a hundred-percent of Indoorswoman, past love yoga, occasionally a swim.

was influenced by her elder sister, and then began to get in touch with jogging. "When my sister worked in an advertising company, she wanted to make her employees form sports habits, so my sister would run in the park downstairs every morning. After 3 weeks, one morning I followed. I used to go to work so early. I didn't expect to go running, but I was surprised to find it so happy. After a few months, she found, "the strength is getting better and the buttocks become warped."

started running, because she had "wrong posture, sports shoes do not fit, lead to a knee injury, had rehabilitation treatment, after I find professional coaching, even with run, center of gravity, correct posture, the run of addiction," sometimes I think could have been run down, not tired."
's running, Janine Chang didn't even feel uncomfortable. "It used to be that running was boring and listening to music. Now I'm used to running, talking to your body at any time, and there's no need for music. Running helped her to rectify the hump habit for more than 20 years >

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